K Michelle stands with her RSA Bodyguards at Dallas event.

Chad Reynolds' second appearance on Big Rich Texas...Bodyguard Services in Dallas.

RSA has been featured and ran the security for numerous Reality tv shows filmed in Dallas and various areas around Texas. I am Jazz on TLC, Big Rich Texas on Bravo, Dallas' most Eligible on Bravo, Little Women of Dallas on Lifetime Network and many more.

Above: Chad and his crew seen on camera removing his client from a hostile environment.

Above right: I am Jazz on TLC features the RSA Bodyguard Team while in Dallas.

Music & Hollywood

Bodyguard Dallas  Texas Bodyguard

Chad Reynolds Dallas Bodyguard Houston Bodyguard Chad Reynolds Bodyguard Dallas Linked In.

Reynolds Security Associates LLC is Licensed by the State of Texas Department of Public Safety B05209701.

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TV and Media

chad reynolds bodyguard dallas texas
chad reynolds bodyguard dallas texas

Left: Chad with Brandi Redmond at the premiere of Real Housewives of Dallas.

Bodyguard Dallas

RSA holds a license from Department of Public Safety's Private Security Bureau. We call this the "PSB".

RSA uses Dallas Based Security classes accredited by the Department of Public Safety & the PSB. The State PSB board requires security training as well as weapons and defense tactics training.

chad reynolds bodyguard dallas texas


Reality TV

Dallas Bodyguard with Chandler Parsons.

Reynolds Family with mega star Sofia Vergara at her autograph event in Houston.

RSA Bodyguards and Dallas Stars.

chad reynolds bodyguard dallas texas

RSA Bodyguard at Dallas Event with Chandler Parsons.

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Above: Bodyguard Team Leader, Chad Reynolds, escorts the ladies from Lifetime Channel's Little Women Of Dallas.

We are a Bodyguard & Personal Protection agency based in Dallas, Texas. Most people use the phrase 'Bodyguards' - Those more familiar with the industry say 'Executive Protection'. All of our licensing, schooling and training is given and governed by the Department of Public Safety's Private Security Bureau. Given the serious nature of our business, the PSB and DPS closely monitor our employees, training and business practices.

The bodyguards and EP Agents at RSA are licensed and approved Level 4 Personal Protection Officers by the DPS & PSB. They have all had excellent training, testing and passing scores by advanced security schools and given their DPS Level 4 credentials. More about our training further down this page.

chad reynolds dallas bodyguard
bodyguard dallas, RSA Bodyguard Texas
chad reynolds bodyguard dallas texas with rougie odor

We have been blessed to work closely with the Hollywood and the Music industry in the behind the scenes, keeping some of today's biggest stars safe. ‚Äč

chad reynolds bodyguard dallas texas
chad reynolds bodyguard dallas texas
bodyguard dallas, RSA Bodyguard Texas
Reynolds Security Associates offers Bodyguards in Dallas. Find a Dallas Bodyguard.

Above: Chad Reynolds and on the CBS News discussing the role of women in the Bodyguard business.

Training & Licensing

Sports Stars

 Juicy J with his RSA Bodyguard in Dallas at the House of Blues.

RSA conduct their yearly mandatory training at PSB approved Texas Handgun Academy.

Dallas Bodyguard

Bodyguard Dallas

Chad Reynolds Bodyguard Dallas Stars.
Bodyguard Dallas, Bodyguard Texas, RSA Bodyguards
RSA | Bodyguard Dallas, Bodyguard Texas, dallas bodyguard, chad reynolds

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Dallas Bodyguard | Dak Prescott's Bodyguard Chad Reynolds

Dak Prescott Seen on ESPN with Chad Reynolds, his Bodyguard,  in Dallas during Women's Final Four.

Reynolds Security Associates LLC

"We have partnered with the Reynolds team the last two years. We trust them to have their eye on our Dallas Stars players. We highly recommend Chad and his team."

Jessica Dunn

executive director
Dallas Stars